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Central MH Village- Parking Registration

As of January 20, 2017

Central MH Village residents:

Per the Rules and Regulations of our community, each household/lot is only allowed to park 2 vehicles at Central MH Village.

The following policy is being implemented immediately:

  • By Friday 1/27/17, each family must register no more than two vehicles in person at the office
  • Vehicles must be operable with current license tags
  • Residents must have the vehicle registration showing they are the owner of each vehicle
  • Two permits will be issued to each resident for vehicles owned by that resident. Management will affix the permit to the vehicle – windshield, lower left corner.
  • If space permits, additional permits will be issued for $25/mo. (this fee will not be prorated – it will be added to lot rent and due in full with lot rent).
  • Any vehicle parked at Central MH Village as of Monday, January 30, 2017, without a permit will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Starting on January 30, 2017, any vehicle parked in Central MH Village longer than 24 hours without a parking sticker or a special short-term visitor pass (available at the office), will be towed without prior notice.

These Rules and Regulations are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all our residents and children. These also help emergency vehicles travel through our community efficiently.

Any questions, please contact the Property Management at (404) 355-5978