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 Our hope is that as a resident of each of our communities you will enjoy meeting other residents, making new friends, and will take pride in your home, lot, and the community as a whole.  Our Resident Rules and Regulations contain general information, as well as details regarding property maintenance of your home and lot, and community guidelines. Please take the time to review all of them.


I. General Information

 LOT RENT Lot rent is due and payable in full on the first (1st) day of each month. A late payment fee of $10.00 per week will be charged if rent is not paid on the first (1st). Rent, late fees, and all other charges or fees must be paid to Boyd Roane, Inc. by PERSONAL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.  No cash will be accepted.

HOME RENTAL AND SALES Rental of homes is not permitted without the written permission of the management.

–  If you sell your home outright to a buyer who plans to continue to rent the lot in the community, or if you sell your home to a buyer who plans to assume your payments and continue to rent the lot in the community, the buyer must first be approved by the management.

– Only the family members listed on the application are allowed to live in the mobile home.

– No resident of the community can rent a room to any individual.

The management reserves the right to request the removal of houses older than 10 years upon their resale.

INSURANCE  All homeowners are encouraged to have proper and adequate insurance at all times. Over the past few years, several home owners have sustained significantly losses due to fire and weather.

TRASH/GARBAGE DISPOSAL Disposal of trash and garbage is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Please do not allow garbage, discarded furniture, or refuse of any type to accumulate on porches, decks or lawns.

– All garbage and refuse left outside the home must be bagged and placed in plastic and metal containers with tight fitting lids.  This will prevent trash being blown about or overturned by animals.  Spraying your trash with ammonia will keep animals out of it. If refuse is scattered around the property by stray dogs or other animals it is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean it up.

– Other than on pick-up days, garbage containers must be stored at the rear of the home or at a location screened from view.

– (CM) Garbage, trash and other refuse is to be placed in plastic bags inside suitable containers and moved to the curb on Tuesday morning.

– (EV) Garbage, trash and other refuse is to be placed in plastic bags inside suitable containers and moved to the curb on Monday morning.

– (NM) Household garbage and refuse is collected by the City (BFI). Place your garbage containers by the curb on Monday and Thursday mornings.

UTILITIES Monthly water use, and garbage pick-up if provided by the municipality, will be charged to the resident(s) of each lot and is due with the rent. Water service will be disconnected if bills are not paid in full by the 5th of each month.

-Residents are responsible for their electrical service from the electrical pedestal to their home, including replacement of the service to the home, if necessary.  They are also responsible for water service from the meter to their home, including ensuring the meter is not damaged.  If the meter is damaged for any reason, including freezing, the resident will be charged $175 for replacement and installation of a new meter.  Residents are also responsible for their own Internet service, telephone service, cable TV service, and gas service.

DRAINAGE DITCHES AND CREEKS Do not dispose of refuse, trash, garbage, or oil in drainage ditches or creeks on the property.  Such debris creates health hazards, clogs the creek, makes the community look unsightly, and is against state and municipal laws.

FIXED INCOME ASSISTANCE Some accommodations are available to residents living on a fixed income.  Please check with the management office for details.

II. Property Maintenance

Mobile Home

GENERAL MAINTENANCE  All homes, including decks, awnings, skirting and other additions or improvements, must be kept in good repair and appearance. Homes should be repainted as necessary.  Please have color choices approved by the management.

WINDOW TREATMENTS Window coverings, shades, and blinds must be kept in good condition. Broken or torn blinds and shades must be replaced. Foil, towels, sheets, or similar materials are not appropriate window coverings.


GENERAL MAINTENANCE Each resident is responsible for keeping his lot neat, clean, and free of trash, litter and debris at all times. Grass should be cut on a regular basis during the growing season.  Please take pride in your home, lot, and community.

AUTOMOBILES/OTHER VEHICLES  Parking spaces for two vehicles per lot are provided. If additional spaces are needed, please contact the management

– All vehicles must meet statutory requirements for state inspections and safety in order to be operated in the community. No junked, unusable, or unsightly vehicles are allowed.

– No go-carts, all-terrain vehicles, or golf carts are allowed in the community.  No motorcycles or trucks over one ton are allowed in the community without prior permission from the management.  No trailers, boats, recreation vehicles or other vehicles not used for daily transportation may be kept on community property unless expressly approved by the management.

-Violations of any part of this vehicle policy will result in your vehicle be towed at your expense

CARPORT /PATIO COVERS All carport covers, awnings, and other enclosures or improvements must have the approval of the property manager before construction, and must comply with local building codes.

CLOTHES LINES No clothes lines are permitted. Please do not hang clothes at any outside locations around your home or on your lot.

FENCES Fences are allowed only under the following conditions: Front yard fences must be of wooden picket style and can be no more than 4 feet high.  Rear privacy fences can be no higher than 6 feet and may be constructed of solid material. See the management to confirm property lines.

HOLIDAY LIGHTS All exterior holiday lights and decorations must be removed within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the holiday.

LANDSCAPING Residents are encouraged to landscape their lots.  Check with the property manager before digging or planting trees and shrubs.  Many utilities are under ground and excavation can be hazardous.

– Residents are to keep their lots mowed, trimmed, clean and attractive.  Power mowers and equipment should be used during daylight hours only.

PARKING  Parking spaces for two vehicles per lot are provided. If additional spaces are needed, please contact the management.

– Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces/pads only. Residents or guests should not park on the grass, or any other area not specifically designated for parking.  Violations of this parking policy will result in your vehicle be towed.

(for CM only) All parking must be in the street and parallel to the curb (not diagonal to the curb or in the grass).  Requests to park a car lateral to the house will be considered by the management provided there is sufficient room and you have your neighbor’s agreement.  If approved, a parking space must be established with rock or concrete.  Parking on the grass is not allowed.

PARKING PERMITS Parking permits are used at some properties where approved parking spaces are limited.

STORAGE Only those storage buildings approved by the management may be installed on the lot.  Storage buildings must be kept in good repair and re-painted as needed.

– Building supplies, appliances, and miscellaneous equipment must be stored under the home or in a small, approved enclosed storage shed located at the back of the property. Always request management approval before purchasing a storage shed for your lot.

– Residents shall not keep on their lot any hazardous materials that might increase the danger of fire or damage to other lots, homes, improvements, or persons within the community.

TRAMPOLINES & PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT Due to safety issues and insurance coverage requirements, we will not allow trampolines/playgrounds on your lots if you do not have a fence with a lockable door around the whole lot or provide proof of current valid coverage under an umbrella policy. By lapsing on the umbrella policy, you will lose the right to have the trampoline or playground equipment on your lot unless you install a fence that includes a lockable door around the whole perimeter to restrict access. The equipment should be maintained in excellent safe condition at all times or be removed immediately from the premises.

III. Community Guidelines

AUTO REPAIR Minor vehicle repair which can be completed in one day is allowed. Inoperable vehicles left in the community will be towed at the owner’s expense.

CHILDREN Parents are responsible for the behavior and actions of their children.  Keep your children in your yard, out of the streets, and ensure that they respect the property and privacy of others.

– Children are not allowed to cut through the lots or yard of other residents, or to roam the community day or night.

– Curfew for children is at dark.  After dark, children must be accompanied by an adult if they leave their home.

DISCARDED MAIL Unwanted mail should be discarded in the receptacle provided near the mailboxes.

PARTIES Parties and gatherings are permitted only if the rules and regulations below are followed at all times.

* Complete a permit at the property management office giving the day, date, time, place, and duration of       the party or meeting.

* Parties and gatherings must end by 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 12 Midnight on Friday          and Saturday.

* The resident host is responsible for the behavior of his guests, and for making certain that neighbors      are not bothered in any way.

* All parties and gatherings must take place inside the home.

* No drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed on porches or patios.

* Advance parking arrangements must be made with the management.  Parking on the grass, or blocking

streets and intersections is prohibited.

* Fees from $100. to $500. will be assessed if these rules and regulations are not followed.

PEACE AND QUIET Because we want this to be a community that everyone can enjoy, we ask that each resident be as considerate of the peace and quiet of others as you would like others to be of yours.

– Adult residents are responsible for their own behavior, the behavior of their children, and the behavior of their guests.

– Residents with children should make sure the children play in their own yard and respect the property and privacy of others.

– Excessive noise, abusive language, drunkenness, immoral or lewd behavior, profanity, loud and/or boisterous parties, and loud talking, yelling or singing will not be tolerated.

– Altercations that require calling the police, fighting in the community, and any verbal or physical threat are grounds for immediate eviction.

–  Radios, televisions, CD players, and musical instruments are to be enjoyed within the confines of your home and at a reasonable volume level which does not disturb others.

– Vehicle radios and music players must be kept at a reasonable volume while driving in the community.

– Residents are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the streets.

– Residents should use the streets to move from one lot to another.  Taking “short cuts” through the lots and yards of others is not allowed.

– Quiet time in the community is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM daily.

The use or display of firearms is strictly forbidden and will result in a call to the police or security officer and eviction from the property.

PETS Small house pets are allowed, providing they meet community management conditions. Dogs and cats must wear collars with vaccination and ID tags attached. Pets cannot be outside the home unless on a leash held by the owner.  Please check with the manager for a detailed copy of our pet policy.

SELLING FOOD OR DRINK Selling of food, beverages, and/or alcohol in the mobile home community is not allowed by the city or by community management.  If you are discovered participating in this type of business you will be fined $1,000.00 and served with an eviction notice.

TRAFFIC RULES The speed limit in the community is 10 MPH.  For the safety of others and your own liability, please watch your speed carefully,

– Reckless driving, squealing tires, loud exhaust and loud music from vehicles will not be tolerated. There are fines associated with traffic rule violations.

SECURITY/NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH In order to foster a safe community, we encourage all residents to get to know their neighbors, and share responsibility for looking out after each other.  Always report questionable individuals and activities to the office and/or the police.

 LAKE RULES (FOR CV ONLY) – The lake is here for your Fishing/ walking /nature watching enjoyment.

– Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when at the lake for any reason.

– For your safety please do not wade into the edges of the lake.

– Fishing is not allowed in front of or behind occupied homes. There are benches and tables around the lake for you to use while being respectful of your neighbors’ privacy.

– Catch and release is our preferred method of fishing. Casting nets are not allowed under any circumstances.

– All wildlife is vital to the ecology of the lake and community. Any cruelty to the wildlife at Cedar Village should be reported to office management and WILL be reported to the Sheriff’s office.

IV. Lease/Purchase Reminders

If you are under a lease purchase plan for your home with Pentagon Properties, Inc. your payment is due on the tenth (10th) of each month.  Late fees will be applied after the 10th.

– Lease purchase owners are responsible for the taxes on their homes, and must maintain insurance on their homes at all times.

– Payments must be made to Pentagon Properties, Inc. by PERSONAL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.  No cash will be accepted.

– Lease purchase plans are purchase plans, not rental plans. Lease purchase owners have a financial obligation to fulfill their agreement with Pentagon Properties, Inc. and are responsible for all details spelled out in their lease purchase agreements 

IV. Non-Compliance, Violation of Community Rules

To insure the safety, peaceful enjoyment and financial integrity of the community we expect every resident to follow the above rules and regulations. Violations can result in fines, an increase in lot rent, and/or eviction.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. If you have concerns that cannot be addressed at our community management office, please contact our Main Atlanta Office at the number above

Boyd Roane, Inc.

Pentagon Properties, Inc

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