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Evergreen Village Comments

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I am a happy man because it is quiet here and I have good relations with the management. I have lived here for seventeen years. I worked part-time for the company for eighteen years and enjoyed it.

Lon Bearden | Evergreen Village Community

I, Marcos Jimenez, have lived here for 7 years and am always happy to live here. I like the community. It is clean and usually very quiet. I have good neighbors, and I have some relatives living in the community, too.

Marcos Jimenez | Evergreen Village Community

Yes, I am a happy resident for 14+ years. I am happy because it is nice and quiet and no one bothers me. I like my nice large lot. The management is nice and will help me with any problems which might come up. I am a senior citizen and feel very safe here.

From a Happy Resident of Evergreen Village

I like to live here because it is very quiet. Very often the police come around the property. I like this park because we have rules and regulations that help to keep the community safe and in peace. I like this location because of the school location. It is very close to my house and I feel safe.
The Ayon Family | Evergreen Village Community


This community is very clean, peaceful, quiet, and the neighbors are very nice. Leonor L. Vera is very professional, and respectful to all tenants. Two years now, no complaints. She always responds to our needs to makes our stay here comfortable.
From a Happy Evergreen Village Resident

We are happy living here at the Evergreen Village. The community is great for families, and is a loving pet environment. I have been living here 7 years and have two little Chihuahua’s, Eddie and Dino.
From Happy Evergreen Village Residents

I have been living here a month and am glad to say that this is a nice place, and silent. I feel happy to be accepted in this community where the personnel are friendly. I recommend this place to everyone.
From Another Happy Evergreen Village Resident

Our family loves this community for a lot of reasons, especially for the safe environment and wonderful staff at Evergreen.
From a Happy Family of Evergreen Village