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Happy Father’s Day from Central Mobile Home Village

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Dad’s Day Off at Central Mobile Home Village

Occasionally Dad’s get a day off to enjoy themselves and be honored by their children.  Father’s Day is  the day that kids wake up early fix their Father breakfast in bed and follow through with doing all the household chores.  Once the chores are completed they clean out dads truck or car including Armour All the dashboard and shampoo the floor mats.  Then the kids cut the lawn, trim the bushes, and paint the deck with what little time is left in the day afterwards, right?

Ya OK let’s get back down to reality.  Here is a typical Father Day at my house.  Mom wakes up early to make breakfast and hands the kids the tray to bring to dad who is pretending to be asleep and has not had his coffee yet.  Once the kids bring Dad his breakfast its off to go play outside and they pat themselves on the back for doing such a fine job of remembering the guy that helped bring them into the world.  Sound familiar?

This year the ladies at Central Mobile Home Village decided to honor the fathers and provide Breakfast sandwiches and coffee from Chick -Fil-A.  According to Luz and Angela it was great turnout and this may soon become a new tradition at Central Mobile Home Village. To the Fathers of Central Mobile Home Village and all our other communities Pentagon Property would like to wish you all a safe and happy Fathers Day weekend!

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