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No Dumping!

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Did you know that the garbage that we throw to the street end up in the sewers of our community?

Did you also know that all that trash goes straight to our rivers and beaches?

Did you know that it is important to keep them clean because the environment has a natural process and course that depends on the waters of our planet to conserve the Earth free of contamination?

Did you know that 3 million deaths are related to pollution in the world?

What do you think if we started to become aware of this in Central Mobile Home Village?

The change begins with us and I know that you have everything to do it.

What do we need from you? Please, do not leave ANY waste outside the garbage basket, no matter how small it is.

What do you think? Do you agree? Let’s talk. Tell us what you think!

This is an example of the types of notices you will begin to see in your community.